Case Study – Insurance Broker

Case Study - The Insurance Broker

Over 300% ROI In The First Month With Our "Reach" Lead Generation Service

The objectives for our insurance client in this case were simple and not uncommon, they wanted to get the most out of their linkedin presence but were not sure on the best way to get the most out of the platform. They engaged us to manage their primary linkedin account and we implemented the “reach” strategy which as proven to be highly effective for clients looking for immediate results. 

Instant Results Followed!

Linkedin is a great platform for B2B lead generation but it can be labor intensive and time consuming, this is why companies work with us to manage and maintain linkedin strategies. In the case of our insurance broker they had a specific target audience that responded very well and we had quality leads to work with within 24 hours and within two weeks enough business had been converted to double the ROI based on the budget for the fist month. 

Planting Linkedin Seeds

Although we get good engagement with our “reach” service and conversions can come in quickly the medium to long term results can often be the real gain. During the second to third month we typically see a ramping up of engagement as the compounding effect starts to kick in. There are reasons for this based around the Linkedin users habits and how they interact with the platform which is often a little more random in practice, there are a lot of users that don’t have time to interact on a daily basis. Over a period of two to three months we certainly see results compound and take effect.

Our Insurance Client Today

What started out as an experiment for a sceptical client has now turned into an essential service for them. Previously they have tried and tested different services with mixed and unconvincing results. As things stand today our “reach” service is by far the best return on their marketing spend and we consider them a very happy long term client!

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