What Does Mebillion Do? 

Mebillion is a service provider to business, marketing companies and agencies of all sizes, we deliver the backend support for link development, content creation and other outreach services.

What Services Does Mebillion Provide?

We provide digital marketing services and outreach link development, content creation & B2B lead generation services and search related services such as audits and advice. 

Why Do You Sell Tier 2 Links? 

The simple answer is that in many cases their 2 links have their place in a diverse link profile and our clients keep requesting the service. Editorial links remain the gold standard however and we always advise on quality over quantity. Knowing how to use tier 2 volume can be a bit of an art form and borderline “grey”.  We look at tons of highly competitive results and we see plenty of low and mid quality links in play. 

What is RD & DA? 

RD is a metric used to define how many links are pointing at a domain. When we quote an RD of 100 it means your link will go on to a site with at least 100 links pointing at it. A higher RD is more desirable. DA is domain authority, another metric to define the strength of any given domain. 

Why Are Some Links Expensive & Some Links Cheap? 

Our blast package is a good example of a bundle of cheaper tier 2 links,  2nd tier links have their place if you know how to make use of them. Quality editorial links are harder to get and pass more authority so their value is much higher. We regularly source one off links that can cost in excess of $1000 and they are worth every dollar. 

How many URL’s can I submit? 

Only one URL per package is allowed and 3-5 variations of link anchor text depending on the package. We will get in touch if something looks unworkable. 

Who Are You Guys And Where Did You Come From?

It’s taken us almost 20 years to become an overnight success.  We started way back in 1999 with basic websites doing affiliate marketing using really crude but effective SEO strategies.

The results were astounding, in the early days working a couple of hours a day we had various revenue models making hundreds of thousand of dollars a year. Since those early days of the wild west we have launched successful  bespoke development companies, auction websites and other fun start ups including hardware development projects and mobile apps. Along the way we have learned a lot of lessons and even more about strategy and making things that work and fail online.