Skiing In Motion Case Study

How Skiing In Motion Evolved - The Case Study

We created Skiinginmotion just for fun. From a cold start the skiing in motion facebook page developed into one of the largest water skiing communities online. Off the back of the social media traction a successful ecommerce  website was launch and a profitable dropshipping business has developed to service clients in the Australian market. Weekly video views can reach into the hundreds of thousands with the content reach exceeding 1 million week to week. This is the quintessential social media Cinderella story where you inject a product or service to the community in order to monetize and service the market. 

High levels of engagement have also been achieved on Instagram but for exposing the broad range of products available in the skiing industry the decision was made to focus on facebook because of the ability to link drop on the platform. Youtube has returned a very low yield.

Take aways from the skiing in motion exercise have been interesting.. 

Find something else to do in winter.. 

Instagram is a good option for branding purposes. 

Facebook is better because you can link drop specific products and still get organic reach (free traffic) 

Conversion rates for skiing related products is viable. (Snow skiing is possibly much better than waterskiing) 

Both Instagram and Facebook can’t leave the display equation alone, its in a constant state of flux